birds and sky birds and sky birds and sky birds and sky
birds and sky
About Alphabug...
Alphabug is a small family of artists based in Brooklyn, NY. We live on the edge of Park Slope and Gowanus, surrounded by the stuff we make.

Our friendly ant shows up as part of everything we make. We've been making t-shirts under the name Radi-Ant for a decade. Now, we've branched out into jewelry as Irradi-Ant, housewares as Habit-Ant, and hats and hair pieces as Bouff-Ant. Of course, we've all made art all our lives, and finally realized that our art was Av-Ant.

Allison is the lead designer. She has a dozen years of experience as a professional print and online designer, and a lifetime as an artist. She's also the one with the hands-on how-to to make our fine silver and gold jewelry. If you see a woman with pink and/or purple hair walking some very aged and very small and very blind rescue dogs near the Gowanus Canal, it might be her.

Brook also has a lifetime of artistic experience, starting from a childhood watching his grandfather paint, while Brook himself was drawing on every piece of paper he could find (even perforated dot-matrix computer printer paper). He relentlessly garbage-picks old furniture, re-purposing it as some of our housewares. And has a propensity to laminate odd objects into his paintings.

Zooey is a teenager, making her the youngest member of the group. Despite her youth, she lives a fairly cosmopolitan life, splitting her time between Brooklyn and Rhode Island. Like the rest of us, she's been making things her whole life. Recently, she's begun organizing fashion shows and making garments out of scavenged materials. She has a great fondness for hedgehogs.

We love living surrounded by creative and beautiful things, and we hope we can bring some of that beauty into your life.

birds and sky
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flowers flowers
birds and sky birds and sky